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The various versions of Geopolitical Simulator are already widely used by the education sector, since this extremely realistic simulator of today’s world helps students understand how it functions in many fields, including the economy and politics. The game includes over a thousand actions that a head of state can perform in the fields of politics and economics, but also in budgetary, financial, military, security, cultural, and other areas.

You can see the full product description on this page

Video games are being used more and more in education and training (serious gaming), since students who are used to the world of entertainment get heavily involved in interactive sessions. With Geopolitical Simulator, participants can play a game together over a network. The professor can also create his or her own custom scenarios with the scenario creation tool (see the Modding Tool page)

Here is a CNN report on the first version of Geopolitical Simulator, with a university history professor

And another video shows NATO using a special version of GPS to train future diplomats, in the context of a geopolitical crisis simulation session

The third incarnation of Geopolitical Simulator, Masters of the World, has new features for developing these skills:

-the World Simulation mode (a current, realistic world) is now playable in multiplayer mode over a network. Students in a class can, for example, each run a nation in the same world and collaborate or compete with one another

-ongoing game support, personified by a professor of geopolitics, who explains to the player the game’s major functional mechanisms for politics, economy, and strategy, and also alerts the player to problems that need to be solved in his or her country and the actions that can be taken.

-in-depth management of government debt, including intervention by rating agencies, interest rate negotiations with international lenders, and the ability to apply for loans or debt relief with the IMF or the Eurozone

-new scenarios in line with current events: “Saving Greece,” “Regaining the triple A”, “Organization of rice exporting countries,” “Returning to 3% of the deficit.”

-links to relevant Wikipedia articles for each proposed law

-an update on January 1, 2013 with over 600 data elements for each of the 175 playable countries, including the political makeup of governments and legislative bodies based on the latest elections, the latest estimates for budgetary deficits and debts, countries’ ratings with rating agencies, growth estimates for the next 40 years, etc.

Purchases of the versions for the educational sector will receive significant discounts based on the desired number of versions.