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Если ваш компьютер подсоединен к сети Интернет, при каждом запуске программы она будет автоматически искать обновления. При получении вашего разрешения эти обновления будут загружены и установлены.

Current Version : 5.32

Patch notes: 5.32

  • -Fixed some shortages caused by conflict, who were dropping some economic sectors and reduced the number of available workers.
  • -Correction on the calculation of pension expenditure, which caused an increase in health spending and involved budget deficit in 2014 God'n Spy mode
  • -Improving the impact of constructions of power plants on their production
  • -Correction in the calculation of producing a built gas wells
  • -Fixed display after changing the number of commandos in the 2014 God'n Spy mode
  • -Improved long-term calculation of the number of students in higher education
  • -Updated data for Hungary, which becomes more playable
  • -Improvement of requests for help countries to build refugee camps
  • -Various-Corrections in the 'Neuer Kanzler 2013-2017' scenario (Only for the German patch)
  • -Various improvements

Patch notes: 5.31

  • -Limitation adjustment of player popularity
  • -Characters health
  • -Selection of Olympics games medals
  • -Military units stars level display in action menu
  • -Bombing over units stored in bases
  • -Kidnapping of journalists in foreign countries
  • -Initialization of health and research staff in poor countries
  • -Debt re-negotiation messages
  • -Initialization of countries electricity consumption
  • -Conflicts with very small countries
  • -Scandal display in character's panel, and head of states being spied
  • -Consequences of scandals revelation for characters or head of States being spied
  • -Crash correction for « empty » heads
  • -Removal of military base which have no proper name in Modding Tool
  • -Reloading of specific Modding Tool saved games (correction of freeze)
  • -Military bases data for Japan
  • -Position of specific Japanese and Chinese cities and bases.

Patch notes: 5.25

  • -poverty line value listing for all countries
  • -correction of weapons contracts when done through the industry ministry menu
  • -Modding Tool: It's now possible to build High Speed Train in a region that you've made independant
  • -Modding Tool: The region selected when creating a regionalist party is now taken into account
  • -Modding Tool: The speed of uploading mods has been speeded-up
  • -The High Speed Train's miles display has been modified in the Transport tab
  • -Rectifications have been made in the energy construction and dismantling windows
  • -Military technologies levels have been updated for all countries.
  • -Salaries have been fixed for the following countries : North Korea, Mozambique, Sudan, Burma
  • -National Service is again mandatory in Russia (12 months)
  • -Tax on cigarettes in Australia has been updated
  • -Modifications on the face of the British Liberal Party's head
  • -Rectifications on political parties for 4 of the british ministers.
  • -The algorithm to colorize regions that are in war has been now modified with coloured stripes appearing on regions where the player has military units in conflicts.
  • -It's now easier to gain popularity above 70%
  • -Military workforce is now updated when deleting National Service
  • -National demografic growth has now an impact on cities' population variation.
  • -The game's start year is now taken into account on the ministries statistics columns
  • -Gas and oil supplying numbers have been fixed. There are now negative effects in the case of embargo/shortage or the obstruction of pipelines.
  • -Rectification of an empty message following the complete (100%) nationalisation of a sector.
  • -Unblocking of multiple arrests
  • -Improvement of the adherence of international organizations that were created
  • -Improvement of the face of a spied Head of State
  • -Display of female politicians in authoritarian Islamic regimes has been removed
  • -The ability to subsidize all sectors at once has been added
  • -Revision after the first modification of a female outfit in the customization panel has been fixed
  • -Various improvements

Patch notes: 5.14

  • -multiplayer online game mode is included
  • -adjustment of formula for oil consumption
  • -reopening option for closed pipeline
  • -improvement of mark calculation for contracts for countries with high GNP/inh.
  • -correction of the choice of the city for organizing specific world championships.
  • -update of South Africa's air forces
  • -correction of AI that will avoid to appoint women for ministries in countries where dominant religion has strong influence
  • -displaying all type of military units in statistics maps
  • -correction of AI to appoint sport and culture's attachés with the same political tendency as the government's one (in 'Opposition' scenario)
  • -correction of military units numbers after troops repatriation at end of conflict
  • -various adjustments